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BustyKerryMarrie.com Presents: Kerry Marie - Phone Sex

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Phone Sex

'Hello, Busty Kerry Marie Sex Chats. How can I help you? Oh, sorry. How can I do you? What would you like? Would you like the web cam? Not a problem. If I can just get you to take your cock out of your pants first, I shall now set you up for web cam. Why, hello, Mr. Member. I didn't realize you had such a huge cock! I can see this web chat's going to be one of my best ones ever!' 'Oh, you want to see my dress? Well, let me just put my head set on. As you can see, it's my Union Jack dress. Because I am, after all, a busty Brit. Do you like it? Do you think it makes my breasts look rather large? And they hang nice in it too. What do you think, Mr. Member? You want a closer look? Okay. How about a wobble too? So, what do you think? You would like me to get one out? Okay! I like a man who knows what he wants!'

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